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Aranya Solutions works with communities to be self-sustaining

Aranya Solutions specializes in creating systematic place-based solutions through participatory planning to enhance the daily lives of people. We serve as a bridge to resources and necessary infrastructure to bring  meaningful livelihood, economical vitality and sustainable living. 

Aranya Solutions collaborates with a web of partners and local leaders in each location to provide access to assets that bolster cultural resilience, sustainability and livelihood. We work locally and internationally focusing on resiliency.

West Hawai'i Happenings TV Show on Nā Leo TV
Hosted by our own Katrina Zavalney!

Katrina is now the host of a TV show!!  West Hawai’i Happenings is the show on the local TV station Nā Leo TV on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Kona branch.

She interviews organizations in the community who are doing good for the community! It’s really exciting!! It’s what she naturally does, but now caught on camera


The 2nd Episode just came out! You can find it here:

“West Hawai’i Happenings Ep. 2: Youth Media Challenge with  Leo TV CEO Ashley Kierkiewicz”

First Episode:  

“West Hawaii Happenings: Ep. 1”: HUBS for involvement in the Community – Tutu’s House and Discover Your Kuleana 


You can stream the show on-line at Na Leo TV here or find it under the exclusives tab. 

Community input and feedback appreciated!

If you want to be part of this TV show or have any suggestions of any west side organizations in Hawai’i we should interview on the show please let us know!! You can share this form for people to fill out so we can learn what they are all about and to be considered for an interview on TV and to share community needs, interests, and feedback on the show.


Our method is to assist communities and stakeholders to implement:









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We are currently working in the USA and Internationally to support self-sustaining communities in Nepal, Africa, and locally.

Additionally, we partner on a number of community-orientated projects, regenerative agriculture programs, and consulting services for organization development. We also provide leadership training to help create the next generation of change makers.

We work in partnership with local community organizations such as Hamakua Institute, HIAP, Na Leo TV, Sacred Mirror Media, Rotary Club, Abundant Earth Foundation, ICA Nepal, Coral Sea Foundation, World Peace Through Technology, and others! Learn more about these projects and our approach in empowering these amazing people.

Strategic Planning, Organization Development, Facilitation

Our focus is to empower leaders to come forward with renewed confidence in their capacity to make a positive change in their community, organizations and life.

We work with communities, organizations, teams of all flavors around the world! Including coaching, organization development, strategic planning and facilitating meetings or retreats.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitation
  • Organization Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Emotional Intelligence Training 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building and Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking & Systems Thinking
  • Decision Making Process

If this is of interest or needed for your organization please contact us! We strive for win-win solutions!

Sustainability Center & Skill Building Workshops

We provide workshops and information on sustainable living and opportunities through our network.

Produce a series of skill-building workshops to enhance the capacity of the community, specifically to enable communities to assess needs, identify resources, and make plans to be self-sustaining with a culture of cooperation.

See our calendar for workshops and activities to participate in!


Aranya Solutions is leading the effort to establish a Sustainability Center, for community resilience, which will serve as a long-standing infrastructure asset and resiliency hub for community. The center will offer the community a physical space to gather, provide educational workshops on sustainable living, and develop life skills.

The center will be self-sustaining for maximum resiliency – have its own energy source, water catchment and storage, compostable toilets and sanitation in a solidly built structure.

Agriculture Development & Partnerships in Hawai'i HIAP

Agricultural resources to support communities to grow food locally!

Katrina from Aranya Solutions is facilitating meetings for the Hawaiʻi Island Agriculture Partnership, or HIAP, was created to be a platform for collective action for local agricultural development. Many farms, government agencies and non-profits are working hard for Hawaii Island’s agriculture. HIAP strives to connect their efforts and help them work together in ways that build collective impact. We facilitate a collective update on current and future initiatives. This is in conjunction with Hamakua Institute, a consulting institute that works internationally and nationally.

For the HIAP meetings we will be focusing on the following topics:

  • Permitting and Regulations Session
  • Value-Added Processing Session
  • Invasive Species Management Session
  • Workforce Development Session

If interested in joining the meetings please check the Calendar and contact Katrina!

Calendar of Activities

Supporting Organizations Thrive!

Growing Food Resoures

Tools for growing food for resiliency!

Coral Sea Foundation - Fiscal Sponsorship

Coral Sea Foundation, based in Australia, takes a grassroots approach to saving marine life, especially Coral Reefs by working with local communities. They teach about the effects of overfishing and climate change on coral reefs and how to protect the Earth’s sacred waters.    Leadership training program to enhance local community support. The Coral Sea Foundation helps landowners to map and register their marine protected areas. They provide humanitarian assistance with clean water infrastructure, medical supplies and educational materials for community participation in the marine reserve process. 

Kohala Cares - Fiscal Sponsorship

Kohala Cares was formed with a simple basic premise. Our purpose is to assist residents of North Kohala on The Island of Hawaii who may be temporarily or permanently having food insecurities.

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