Aranya Solutions

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Leadership and Capacity Development for Organizations

Our focus is to empower leaders to come forward with renewed confidence in their capacity to make a positive change in their community, organizations and life.

We work with communities, organizations, teams of all flavors around the world! Including coaching, organization development, strategic planning and facilitating meetings or retreats.

  • Emotional intelligence training

  • Team building and communication skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Decision making skills

Capacity Development

Capacity Development is a collaborative process where we map out how to create an efficient and vibrant working atmosphere. We are prepared to do a deep dive into your day to day systems and design a process that works for all and increases productivity.

Systems Development

Capacity and Organizational Development is done collaboratively where we map out the process to create an efficient and vibrant working atmosphere. Through Action Research, we start off by interviewing staff and collate the themes that arise, then share with everyone together. At the time of the feedback, when it is most ripe, we decide, as a team, what topics to focus on to begin the work. We start by asking these questions:

  • What’s working?

  • What projects are your stuck on?

  • Who is responsible for executing those projects and how can we support them?

  • What resources are needed to ensure successful implementation?

  • What constitutes a healthy atmosphere for you?

We are prepared to do a deep dive into your day to day systems and design a process that works for all and increases productivity.

Strategic Planning

We help clients identify and reach their goals with clarity and cohesion. There are two main steps to achieving these goals, first a Visioning Process then Action Planning to identify the steps to fulfill the stated desires.


One important element in effective long term planning is visualizing how your business will function at its most optimal level. This includes day-to-day operations, benchmarks, client relations, and the like. The visioning process begins with an inclusive brainstorming session facilitated in a manner that is supportive of all ideas to synthesize the most effective solutions. In these sessions, we take an appreciative look where everyone feels heard, acknowledged. After the brainstorming session action items and timelines to accomplish these goals are agreed upon.

Action Planning:

These sessions are intended to assist clients in developing integrated whole systems practices and making the next steps visible. We work closely with you to exponentially improve all of your work-flow processes. We will develop a timeline, identify resources and support systems to efficiently reach your goals.


With effective organizational systems, it makes it easy to create action plans that are specific, manageable, achievable, realistic, and timely. We do this by looking at multiple aspects of the system that would have positive impacts on the overall result. We work with you to improve the process as necessary to create a more efficient system resulting in increased innovation, substantial improvements in group/team effectiveness, and coordinated systems development.