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Current Projects

TV show - West Hawaii Happenings
on Nā Leo TV

Katrina is now the host of a TV show!! called West Hawai’i Happenings with the local TV station Nā Leo TV  on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Kona station.

She interviews organizations in the community who are doing good for the community! It’s really exciting!! It’s what she naturally does, but now caught on camera : ) 

1st Episode! You can find it here: 

West Hawaii Happenings: Ep. 1″: HUBS for involvement in the Community – Tutu’s House and Discover Your Kuleana 


2nd Episode! You can find it here:

West Hawai’i Happenings Ep. 2: Youth Media Challenge with  Leo TV CEO Ashley Kierkiewicz”


You can stream the show on-line at Na Leo TV here or find it under the exclusives tab. 

Description of West Happenings: 

West Hawai’i Happenings is a TV show on Nā Leo TV profiling the community and happenings in West Hawaii with Local Host Katrina Zavalney (previously Jane Clement, who now works for the Mayor of Hawaii Island). We put a spot light on individuals, businesses, and organizations that have done and continue to do remarkable things for the community in West Hawaii. We interview people and nonprofits on the west side of the island (Kona side) and showcase their work. 

The participants in the show are excited about this program and we already have a testimonial! 

“Thank you for the invitation to participate, you made me feel so welcomed and that put me at ease so I could get the words out. Thank you so much! We’re excited about it!!”

With aloha,

Shawn Saito, Tutu’s House Program Leader

Organizations Featured in Episode 1 of West Hawai’i Happenings on Nā Leo TV

Tutu’s House and Discover Your Kuleana 

HUBS for involvement in the Community 

Tutu’s House

Discover Your Kuleana

Friends of the Future of Hawai’i

Community input and feedback appreciated!

If you want to be part of this show or have any suggestions of west side organizations in Hawai’i we should interview on the show please let us know!! You can share this form for people to fill out so we can learn what they are all about and to be considered for an interview on TV and to share community needs, interests, and feedback on the show.

More about Nā Leo TV

Nā Leo TV is one of four independent PEG ( public, education, government) entities in the State of HI. The Mission of Na Leo ‘O Hawai`i is to facilitate diverse community, education and government dialogue and expression by providing television access for the people of the County of Hawai`i. Na Leo ‘O Hawai`i provides television access to facilitate diverse community dialogue and educational awareness for the citizens of Hawai`i island including County and State Governments to communicate and provide relevant information to Hawai`i island residents. 


FB Page:

If someone doesn’t have Internet access the only other way is to watch Na Leo TV on spectrum on channel 53

Channel 53 is our educational channel – This is where it would be and would have to watch the guide.

Channel 54 is our public (content creators)

Channel 55 is out gov’t channel

There were 8 air dates on Channel 53 on Nā Leo TV, as well as a the episdoe is available to stream on-line anytime forever!

Resiliency Workshops

Herbal Elixir Oxymel Workshop

Nourishing the soul making an Herbal Oxymel Elixir and learning about digestive health


Oxymel – is honey & apple cider vinegar mixed with herbs to pull out the medicinal properties to make this special medicinal elixir. We’ll be using local honey and local herbs we’ll have local Lions mane mushroom powder from Mermaid Mushrooms, local lemon balm, and local butterfly pea flower. We will also learn about learning about digestive health and the properties of each of the herbs we will be using. Come enjoy local ways to be resilient in Hawai’i! Workshop taught by Sara Rose from Earth Petal Herbs.

Video Recorded

This workshop was recorded for additional learning opportunities! Please contact Aranya Solutions for this educational video and interest in workshops like this. 

Sustainability Center & Educational Workshops

Aranya Solutions is leading the effort to establish a community resilience center which will serve as a long-standing infrastructure asset and resiliency hub for villages and communities around the world. The center will offer the community a physical space to gather, connect, hold meetings, create value-added goods, store agricultural products, and develop skills. This center will be a place for community members to secure their livelihoods locally without having to leave the village to find work. The building will be constructed by community members using locally sourced materials such as bamboo, mud, clay, and straw which will be sturdy in the event of an earthquake. The center will be self-sustaining for maximum resiliency – have its own energy source, water catchment and storage, compostable toilets and sanitation in a solidly built structure.

International Projects


Improving lives of deprived communities in Dingam, Chipling and Thakani villages in Nepal. 

Supporting the people in the Himalayas be more self-sustaining, empowering women and livelihood improvements through regenerative agriculture with shiitake mushroom and kiwi farming, beekeeping and leadership development. Aranya Solutions is working with three economically marginalised rural villages on strengthening their local capacities to improve their well-being and sustainability with a focus on indigenous sovereignty and cultural heritage preservation.


Solar Cookers and Planting Fruit Trees

Aranya Solutions partnered with the local Rotary Club in Soroti, Central Uganda to implement a project that installed industrial grade solar cookers and planted a total of 3,300 fruit trees at three different school sites. These schools had been facing several problems associated with burning wood for cooking the new solar cookers help the health and reduce carbon!


Photo credit: Planting Fruit Trees Foundation

Regenerative Land Use - with Starhawk

Aranya Solutions produced a fundraiser in March 2019 in Oakland for Starkawk’s Earth Activist Training’s new Regenerative Land Management Training Program to offer diversity scholarships for people from communities of color and low-income communities to attend the program.  Aranya Solutions also helped in the development of this Regenerative Land Management Training Program, as well as providing mentorship to trainees.

See our work in how we started and grew over the years where we started in Nepal and Uganda in our Cumulative Report from 2018-2020!